The Motherload of Gifts … Part 1

If you’re not good at gifting and always at a loss as to what to buy, and specifically with Mother’s Day almost upon us, I’ve put together the ultimate list for anyone who has to buy a gift for someone who loves Champagne.  So forget about your fall-back of hand cream, a box of chocolates, or heaven forbid … an electrical appliance. If you wanna score some serious brownie points, have a look below.  

Firstly, I’m going to start with Typo/CottonOn because they have some brand new awesomeness just in time for Mother’s Day, either in store at Typo or on the CottonOn website.  In this instance, no one is going to mind getting a gown and slippers.  I’ve already been shopping and I think my family’s going to love what they’ve bought me for Mother’s Day 🙂



Stock may obviously vary from country to country, but I have seen all of these at my local Typo, however, not everything on my local CottonOn website.  You’re going to have to hurry though, these goodies are going to fly.


Next up … jewellery.  You know you can never go wrong with jewellery, right?  And if you are buying for someone who loves jewellery as much as she loves Champagne, have I got just the thing for you.  Wearing Memories have created an amazing range of champagne inspired jewellery that holds the plaque de muselet from that special bottle of champagne so the memory can be cherished forever.

They have two ranges to choose from, the exquisite bespoke Couture Range and the fun Ready 2 Wear Range.  Items below are from the Couture Range (cocktail ring, locket and fob bracelet), and there are more on their website.  Couture items are manufactured from Australian Sterling Silver.


The Ready 2 Wear Range items are made from bronze.  They’re quirky and will add fun to any outfit.  You can choose from a Pendant/Bracelet, Cocktail Ring, and a Lapel Pin.



And then … socks.  And I know you’re thinking I’ve gone mad.  As a rule, socks are a no-no, but when they’re champagne-quote socks, we’ll make an exception.  And your go-to for these are SockPrints.  They specialise in custom-made items so if you know your person’s favourite champagne-quote, get designing on their website.  If you’re not feeling very inspired, they have a range of stock items to choose from and each design comes in a variety of colours.




For a champagne lover who also loves art, you can really go to town.  You just have to browse on Etsy or eBay and you’ll find some amazing pieces from custom prints to original art.  But for the pièce de résistance, have a look at the works of Cape Town artist, Kurt Pio.  And I know there are loads of champagne art around, but I’m biased … ‘cos Cape Town …


Kurt’s champagne bottles are in high demand and if you’d like to order one you can email him at  If you’re based in the States, he is represented in the US by Gallery Orange.

Kurt Pio in a collector’s home


There are just too many fabulous champagne inspired gifts to include all in one post … more to follow soon in Part 2.  In the meantime, happy shopping.

Pop, Fizz, Clink
The Champagne Chick


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