Cellar Visit: Champagne Edouard Brun

My first visit on the Epernay leg of my trip was to Champagne Edouard Brun & Cie, a Négociant-Manupilant situated in the quaint village of Aÿ.  As I’ve said before, a visit to a smaller producer is a completely different experience to a visit to a large house.  I learnt so much on this last trip to Champagne at visits to smaller producers where unlike a group tour at a large house that is very general in terms of information shared on the tour and a very set time schedule to stick to, a visit to a smaller producer means you will more than likely be hosted by the family and you will probably be on your own, which means a visit at your pace with the people who actually make the magic happen and who are more than enthusiastic about sharing their vast knowledge and interesting stories.  If you’re travelling to Champagne you will not regret scheduling some time to visit a few smaller producers.

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My Magical Trip to Champagne – Part 2: Epernay

After a few incredible days in Reims it was time to move on to Epernay.  As I’ve mentioned before, getting around proved to be expensive, the distance between Reims and Epernay is about 30km and taxi’s wanted around €85-90, but I managed to find an Uber for about €55.  I had booked an Airbnb in central Epernay on Rue du Général Sarrail, about a 15 minute walk from the start of Avenue de Champagne where you will find some of the most iconic houses of Champagne.
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Cellar Visit: Champagne Taittinger

The next House I visited when I was in Champagne last month was the House of Taittinger and it really doesn’t get much better when you get to hang out in the cellars of one of your favourite Champagne Houses with a bottle of Comtes de Champagne on a private tour.  Situated on the site where the Abbey of Saint Nicaise once stood, the cellars of Champagne Taittinger in the heart of Reims are nothing short of breath-taking.

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