Champagne Cocktails … Tried and Tested For You

Some purists will tell you it’s sacrilege to make a cocktail using champagne, but I’m going to say whatever floats your boat … I love a Champagne Cocktail and I’ve tried and tested some of the more popular ones for you.  You can make them as easy or complicated as you like, there are many variations on each recipe, just google and find a recipe that tickles your fancy.  I tend to go for recipes with a do-able ingredients list, generally picking those with stuff I already have on hand and if I don’t like the result I will tweak it a bit until it’s to my liking.

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Champagne Gifting You’re Going To Love

The best gift for me over the holidays is Champagne and this is the time of year when Champagne Houses usually launch their annual gifting merchandise.  So if you’re stuck for a present for someone, need a hostess gift for a dinner party or just want to spoil yourself, have a look at some of the fabulous value-added champagne gifting options I’ve managed to find.

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